Sunday, April 16, 2017

New crochet elephant blanket!

Here is my latest blanket! Very cute free pattern from Katestitches!
I made 2 changes- I left half of the elephant ear unsewed, so it could be "flappy" :), and I made my pom-poms flat (more like bobbles), instead of her 3D ones.
Here is how I did my bobble border:
ch6, 3dc cluster in 3rd ch from hook, ch3, sl st back into the st where you started bobble, ch3, sl st into the sp between granny square dc clusters.
I think I will be making these in more colors! Yes, this one is available for purchase in my Ebay store here!
Now that warmer weather is here, there will be a lot more sewing happening! I have a bin of fabric from the LA Fashion District waiting to be stitched up, but I did finish some other quick projects!
I made this tote bag from an estate sale find, a vintage birth announcement embroidery from 1959!!
The embroidery is just adorable! The bag is available for purchase here!
Let me know what you think about my latest projects :)