Monday, April 20, 2015

Tardis bag tag/ amigurumi/ key chain...

Just a quick post today to show my Tardis police box bag tag/ keychain! Made this as a gift for my daughter's friend, but couldn't stop at just one, so I made 2 more! The pattern is posted free here....I figured out that it better to first sew the windows on when your Tardis has not been stitched up into a box yet, and then do the final seam...You might want to try that, if you attempt this pattern. So much easier to do it this way...
I am still trudging my way through graph crochet, I'll keep you (yes you!!) posted...What are you working on this fine Monday night?

Friday, April 17, 2015

Almost barefoot sandal season :)

Lots of activity going on in girls planning their move to California, finishing their last college courses, my older one traveling to Vietnam etc, and also the end of the school year looming around the corner. However, I keep crocheting through it all :) since that is what helps me keep it together!! So here are some of my finished projects...
Pattern courtsey 365crochet !

These are fun and quick projects. I am on a roll, and will probably try out all the barefoot sandal patterns I can find trolling the interwebs :)
I had some more was a request from my younger one, a gift for her friend, a Tardis amigurumi..and this blanket. I found a picture diagram of this one online, but it was so blurry, it was impossible to follow, so I just winged it. Also modified the number of flowers attached...decided to do them only on one side.

Hope you are in good cheer, and using crafts to keep in good cheer :) If not, give something a shot. You may like it :)

Sunday, April 5, 2015

More felt mats!....

So yeah, I'm still in my "felt mat production overdrive mode", and I have 2 more patterns to share today.

Totally enjoying making these...I will probably work my way up to some more complicated patterns eventually :)
My current and future projects? Working on a Tardis amigurumi to be given as a gift to my younger one's friend, and then have been commissioned by my girls to work on graph afghans (!!!!!) for them :D It all started with the pretty, colorful baby blanket that I was working on, and my younger one saying " I wish I was a little baby, so I could have a colorful blanket", and I said to her, well, you know, you could even have one now! Take one to college with with her being a Mario fan, I looked up some graph patterns for her, and then in order to be fair, decided to make a Hello Kitty one for my older one as well. But, even though I've been crocheting for 35 years (!!), I have never tried one of those girls have faith in me :) but I figured, I would try out a small graph pattern first. So big plans....wish me luck!!