Sunday, April 5, 2015

More felt mats!....

So yeah, I'm still in my "felt mat production overdrive mode", and I have 2 more patterns to share today.

Totally enjoying making these...I will probably work my way up to some more complicated patterns eventually :)
My current and future projects? Working on a Tardis amigurumi to be given as a gift to my younger one's friend, and then have been commissioned by my girls to work on graph afghans (!!!!!) for them :D It all started with the pretty, colorful baby blanket that I was working on, and my younger one saying " I wish I was a little baby, so I could have a colorful blanket", and I said to her, well, you know, you could even have one now! Take one to college with with her being a Mario fan, I looked up some graph patterns for her, and then in order to be fair, decided to make a Hello Kitty one for my older one as well. But, even though I've been crocheting for 35 years (!!), I have never tried one of those girls have faith in me :) but I figured, I would try out a small graph pattern first. So big plans....wish me luck!!

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