Friday, October 31, 2014

Starflower mandala from Zootyowlcards.....So addictive :)

So I finally tried out the Starflower mandala pattern from /starflower-mandala-pattern.htmlWhat a fun project! Even though I have crocheted several hundreds (??) of doilies, doing one in yarn, and with such colorful ones at that, had a totally amazing result. So of course, I couldn't make just one...I started about 4 of these together, and just kept working in assembly line fashion, reading one line of the pattern and doing it on all of my pieces :) This sample was just the first one to get done. It turned out to be huge, 23" in diameter. Perfect to use on a side table, or even on the coffee table! Go ahead and try it out, if you haven't made one yet!! It's a great scrapbuster project.
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