Monday, June 6, 2016


In April 2016, I went to the Los Angeles Fashion District and purchased quite a bit of fabric for $20, the video is posted here. My goal being to use up all my fabric by December 2016, which is when I go back to the Fashion District, I hurried up and got sewing!! 

I tackled the equations fabric first. I had purchased a half-yard of this drapery weight fabric (for the princely sum of $3), and ended up making 5 things from it!! I used up every tiny bit of that fabric! I made a lined tote bag, an envelope pillow, a zipper pouch, a boxy pouch and a coin purse. I think my daughter will be able to use all 5 items. And then I thought, why didn’t I buy more of this fabric?? I’m sure nerdy science-y type people would have loved to buy these items if I’d offered them in my Ebay store. Why oh why is hindsight always better than foresight :((
P.S. The boxy pouch tutorial is THE BEST! However, I made it with a 9" zipper, and not the best choice for this pouch...I think it looks better with the 12" one.

My second finish was this top made from a 50 cent remnant piece- all I did was cut out a neck, put bias tape around, sew the sides and hem- done in about 35 minutes! I love how it turned out!
I have also used up y blue lace fabric- I was able to get a dress for myself, and a t-shirt for my daughter – out of it. Not bad for $8 worth of fabric. Pics to follow later on!
What kinds of sewing projects are you working on?? Please share in the comments :)

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