Sunday, August 7, 2016

The tailor's trash is my treasure!

It is customary to get women's outfits like the traditional sari blouse and shalwar Kurta stitched to your measurements  throughout India. As a result, there are tailor shops in almost every neighborhood. I talked to my mom's tailor, and got a bag of scraps from him for free. My mom bought me some zippers for the super-awesome price of Rs.3 each (approximately 4 cents). Compare that to my normal purchase price of $1.50 for a 9" zipper at JoAnn's, that too with a 50% off coupon! Wow, just wow. I am seriously tempted to buy at least 22 zippers for the grand price of $1. 
In addition, I needed some interfacing .....Rs. 15 for one meter (approximately 20 cents for over one yard), and I was all set to create zipper pouch wristlets! I used the awesome tutorial by
Here are the ones I made so far:
Yes, the tailor's trash has been transformed into treasure!
Well, I'm off to dig through the bag of scraps again, and make some more because now everyone wants one :) 
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  1. What a bargain! Pretty little bags, I like especially the yellow one :-). Great idea to use up scraps. Have a good week!
    Nata xxx

  2. Thanks, Nata! I'm glad you like them.