Monday, December 22, 2014

What a fun guys hat pattern!

Moogly had this pattern for a hat for a very long time, and yes, I had seen it earlier. But what made me try it out right away was Stitch11's color combination and version. The pattern is the Leaping Stripes beanie by Tamara Kelly. Her video tutorial was super helpful. I just made one change, and that was to do the brim in all sc's instead of doing the sideways rows. My husband loved how the hat fits, and offered to pay me cash :D for one right away!

I guess the camo combination didn't really show the pattern very well :( Oh, no more of those then!
I also made an Infinity shells cowl (Pattern from The Crochet Crowd) is a photo...

Enjoying my 16 day winter break right now, so will definitely have more completed projects to share :) I'll be delighted if you leave me a comment about your projects.


  1. Pretty hats & cowl! Happy New Year to youuuuu!!
    All the best, Nata xxx