Sunday, May 17, 2015

This and that.....

Yes, I have been creating a ton, but sorry, no pictures to share due to lots of other activities like helping my daughter clean up her apartment, get ready to move to Cali etc, etc. But I thought I could still take time out to share what I have been up to. ......So, tried out a TOTALLY new craft, kinda logical for me though. It was just a matter of time, I guess. My new love is beading. I had a coworker teach me bead looming, and have created 2 bracelets so far. Considering that I am totally a jewelry person, I think these are creations that I will enjoy making for myself, and actually wearing them too :) Will share pics when I can find more time.
So yeah, my older daughter will be starting her Neurology residency at Stanford University. Yes, she is now officially a Dr.! Amazing feat, considering she is only 22 years (almost 23). The younger one got admission to Caltech for Engineering, again one of the top institutes in the nation (and also like...the entire world!). As is wont to happen in Indian circles, a lot of people started asking us (my husband and I) about what we did for our girls, to make them such high achievers....On top of that, quite a few people have been telling me that I should write a book about how I helped them, share my parenting techniques....After a bit of pondering, I thought, if not a book, the least I could do is to jot down some things I did consciously while raising them, on this very blog....altruistic intentions back to society.....all that kind of good stuff. The one thing that pulls me back, is being misinterpreted, and maybe having to face some flak. So I think I will first work on my disclaimer statement....CAUTION: I am not a parenting expert. I am merely sharing some insight into what I did, and I think it worked for my family. Make what you will of it. In general, if you feel that you agree or feel that my ideas are beneficial, feel free to leave a comment to that effect, but if you take offense...please go back and read my disclaimer.
OK, now with that off my chest, I'm out of time for my blog post.....more on actual ideas next time :)

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