Friday, July 31, 2015

Busy, busy summer!!

Just a quick post for now, and then I do eventually plan to go back and resume my parenting/ education related tips. I have had a crazy busy summer, what with having a combined graduation party for my girls, my older daughter moving to San Jose to start her residency at Stanford, my parents coming over from India to attend my girls graduation, Alaska cruise etc etc....
All through this, I have still been crafting, and want to share some of my latest felt mats...posted on Etsy....
I have also been beading, but I am realizing that I tend to leave my beading projects unfinished. Ummmm...will need to find a way to rectify that!!
Well, I guess I can sneak in a quick parenting tip- following up on the "being a good role model"...    Another way I was a good role model is that I was always working really hard, and expecting the same from my kids. For about 7 years, I was teaching full time and also either working on my second Master’s degree and then my Doctorate degree. IN addition to this, I was always taking care of my household, attending to my girls education, AND pursuing my crafting endeavors as well. Did I forget to have fun?? No, I don’t think so….Achieving in itself is a lot of fun. We were social, got together with friends, went on trips, but my socializing was never Number#1 on my priority list. It struck me as odd that sometimes students would assume that my girls don't have a "social life" because they are hard working students.
That's it for now...will continue later!

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