Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New baby dress and an obsession with the Edge perfect blade!

Lots of crocheting, and also sewing going on around here! Here is a brand new pattern that I tested for Sheri from The Country Willow. I did mine in lime green colors, which I wasn't too sure about for a 1-yr old girl, but wanted to use up sequin fabric that I had at home. People actually liked my color combination a lot :) Yes, it is available for sale, right here on my Ebay store!
 Some fun Dakota County fair wins for me! Here's a glass painting mixed media with a relief pattern.
 .....and this one is "Fantasy birds", all hand embroidered in satin stitch!
This is one of my marble painting miniatures....won an award of excellence, no less :)
In other news, I have discovered the "Edge Perfect rotary cutter blade" by Olfa, and let me just tell you, my life HAS CHANGED!! It is awesome! If you do anything with crochet edges around it, you know you have to poke holes somehow into the fabric...I used to take a seam ripper and dig in the fabric....Now I just lay my cutting mat down and go over the fabric with my rotary cutter! It's that simple. I was skeptical at first..thinking it would make the holes to big, I wouldn't like the spacing etc, etc. But once I used it (a friend in my knitting group brought it in for me to test it out), I was officially converted!! So I found mine here on Amazon for $19.99, and just switched out the blade on my existing 45 mm Olfa cutter. So far, I have used it on fleece blankets and my crochet top towels, and it has been a dream! ...And no, currently I am not making any money by promoting this product :( I am just thrilled to share something that has made my crafting life easier!
Will share pics of my crochet edge stuff next time! Gotta go do housework now...yeah, I know....the bane for us crafters.
Till then, stay happy, healthy and busy! (hasth, swasth aur mast :) for those of you who know Hindi!