Thursday, November 5, 2015

Long time, no see?

So, I keep thinking about doing these long detailed blogposts, and that never happens! So here's a super quick one..... I decided that I needed more party/ evening/ clutch purses, because an empty nester, I actually have time to change my purse when I go out! So instead of acting like a reasonable person, using my latest Kohl's coupon to buy myself some $30 Juicy Couture clutch, I did what I do best...vowed to SEW myself some!!

After hours spent crazy-PINTERESTING, here is the first one...

So DO I GET TO GLOAT NOW? I love it! Made from left overs from my stash too. Just had to buy the extra firm stabilizer, which was like $3 at Jo-Ann's, and will probably give me three more purses. I followed this great tutorial!
The psychic called! She said she sees a ton more of these clutch purses in my future :D She sees a golden one, and then a brocade one made from a wedding saree!

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