Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Some more finishes!

 This turtle blanket is my first finish being shared for 2016!!! The inspiration for this blanket came from here, she used a Ravelry pattern for the turtles, but me being the cheapo I am and not wanting to spend $4.99 for the pattern....or let's give it a positive spin and say, me being super talented where I can look at a crochet item and come up with my own pattern....I decided to make my own. It has been shared earlier on my blog....just scroll down :) Well, this one got sold in no time at all, so now I need to make another one!

Then a bit of sewing to share! An upcycle/ reuse/ refashion project.....a garage sale pillow recovered with a felt leaves applique cover! UMM, yeah, why spend $8 on buying a pillow insert? Who does that... not me, that's for sure :)

 And my last finish to share today. It is the Zooty Owl Trivet from here. Turned out super cute, I must say, and was easy enough to put together, and a fabulous scrap buster to boot :) Could it get any better?
Of course, I will need to make a ton more of these! Listed here on Ebay.
I'm looking forward to more sewing projects, and then planning my summer projects! What crafty endeavors are you planning? Do share :)

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