Saturday, February 6, 2016

A horse scarf, another owl and a couple patterns tested :)

 The Crochet Crowd folks posted on FB that these horse scarves were selling like hot cakes, so of course, I had to jump on the band wagon and make some! I was my true cheapo self (and of course, super talented self too), and decided to figure out the pattern just by looking at photos of this scarf. I am happy to report that the outcome was not too shabby, especially given that this particular scarf sold within 3-4 days! So yes, now I am making another one. I did write down a pattern of sorts, so I would not have to do all the figuring out every time, but my pattern is currently such that it would probably make sense only to me. :(

 Lastly, I tested 2 patterns - the Ode to Winter scarf and the Bohemian Hat from Sheri Ann Weber of out beautiful, if I might say the fringe along the long side of the scarf.....Listed here on Ebay in my store RetirementFunned!!!

Stay warm, if you are in a sub-zero Tundra zone like me :) Drink lots of masala chai :)

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