Sunday, May 1, 2016

Another sea theme blanket, and a refashion!

 Here are my new (and almost new) finishes. The sea theme blanket is made off of a picture I found on Pinterest- no pattern for the appliques, I just made them along by looking at the photo, plus I used a basic ripple blanket base. The blanket is listed here in my Ebay store RetirementFunned.
 My next project is a refashion, because!!! Refashioning is the thing to do!! So I had this sheer skirt from Christopher & Banks that I wore maybe once...Inspired by so much refashion on the Internets, I decided to use this brand new tank top (I would've never worn it), and join the two together to make a cute shift dress. Awesome!! Now, I have a wearable piece of clothing that I love! I wish I had taken the time to show you a picture of me wearing it, but you just have to take my word for it I guess. It looks great! And all it took was about 20 minutes!
Here's another cute thing to look at...Pinterest-inspired of course! My crochet goldfish!
I just winged the goldfish. Realized it was getting too big for my tiny jar, had to make the fins quickly, so yeah, the fins are not anatomically correct, but shh shhh, we won't tell the biology teachers that :D
Take care, world! Enjoy the warmer weather, if you are in a cold place like Minnesota (like me!), and keep on crafting!

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