Monday, February 19, 2018

FB Business page for my Ebay store!

Spent my day off from school creating an FB page for my Ebay store! Baby steps are good, better than no steps, I say! I looked into all the drawing apps available to come up with a banner for my FB page, and all the info online said that there are graphic designers to do that kind of work for me, but me being me, I always question...what is it that the graphic designer is able to do, and that I cannot do :D Plus, being cheap me, decided to putz around with different apps, none of which gave me a satisfactory result, so ended up going with my trustworthy PicCollage itself, and while not perfect, I am (currently) happy with what I was able to come up with. Here goes...
Go check out my FB page, and please please please, be so kind as to like it, or better yet, support a crafter by purchasing an item from my store :)

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