Saturday, January 24, 2015

Moving on to Felt penny creations!

So.....this past Friday, I headed out to the Textile Center in Minneapolis for their exhibition: Common Thread 2015, and got some fresh inspirations. One of them, I decided to try out right away...It was their felt coasters/ candle mats with a beaded edge. So here is my pair
Pin keeps/ pin cushion seem to have reached collectible status :) plus they are fun projects to make, so here's my first felt one:
I just did the outline of the paisley shape with chalk, and made all the details free hand. I'm sure I'll be making a ton more of these. I have a lot of felt, and two garbage bags full of good quilting cotton scraps to use up!! Haven't broken my pledge to not buy any more fabric at the stores for several years now, but of course, I still go shop for yarn which I seem to consume by the ton :)
Next on my list of felt adventures is a felt penny rug! How about all you crafty souls, what have you been up to??

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