Sunday, January 18, 2015

One more painting framed, and a pattern for a laptop bag!

I'm sharing with all you super talented people some of my glass paintings. I made these during my 2012 trip to India and framed most of them after I got back to Minnesota. The bottom Krishna one, however, just got framed this week though, mainly because I am too cheap to go buy a frame at a store and would rather keep scrounging around at garage sales and the like till I find one that fits just perfect :) Oh well....more money left over to buy yarn, that's what I like to say :)
I would also like to share a new laptop bag I ended up sewing for myself, again with materials sourced mainly from church sales ( I made a commitment to myself to not buy fabric full price from a store anymore, since I don't really find time to sew too much anymore!).

I used this faux leather fabric and embossed suede fabric for the appliques. I cut 2 pieces 15 X 13" for the shell, and 2 pieces the same size for the lining. The middle strip is 43" x 3.5" to give a boxy width to it. I meant to put a button in the middle of the flower, but upon digging through my treasures of appliques from India, ended up loving how this one looks instead.

I just free hand drew my pattern out, cut the pieces and drew around them on the suede fabric, even though I could easily have used freezer paper instead. I love my new bag, and am glad I did not cave and use a store-bought bag to replace my previous one which lasted a good 6 years. That one was my first experiment with felt penny embroidery, which I intend to get back now.....
Hope life is treating all of you crafty (in a good way :D) souls well! I would love to hear what you think about my bag :) Stay strong, and keep on crafting :)

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