Sunday, March 1, 2015

More felt creations in the works!...and a "name doily"!

So, I have been busy teaching some Basic Crochet classes, and working on some felt embroidery squares. I hope to sew up these squares into pin keeps/ pin cushions.
I just free hand embroidered these pieces, which was stressful but somehow liberating at the same time. I would say that I am quite pleased with the results! I like the randomness of some of these pieces.......I also added some seed beads.

In addition, I started working on thread "Name doilies" for my daughters! I had been meaning to try out name doilies for a long time, and then I got the bright idea to make these as graduation gifts for my daughters :) My older one will be graduating from Medical school this year, and my younger one is finishing up high school. Big year in terms of changes!!
Here is the tutorial I am using...and you can pick an alphabet chart from here! So far, I am pleased with the results and am happy to report that it is much simpler than I thought. My daughter wants a block edge with no border for a more "modern" look :)
I hope everyone is keeping warm if you are in cold climes like me! Have fun crafting, and spread/ share what gives you happiness :)

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