Saturday, March 21, 2015

Yes, more felt candle mats....

So we had a great day yesterday, found out that the older one "matched" to Stanford for her Neurology Residency! Headed to warm Cali-FOR-NI-A :) Now, we wait to find out all the places the younger one gets into, and then help her finalize from those choices. Exciting times!
On the crafting front, I am now officially hooked onto wool felt "penny" rugs/ candle mats. I have a huge bag of felt to finish up (that's what I'm telling myself), and the more I create, the larger the number of ideas that spring in my head :) Isn't that funny? And, I'm one of those people who do not think of themselves as a designer at's my new Fall themed felt candle mat, inspired by some images I've seen on the internets, but then I always add my own touches to it.

My WIP's this week? Working on another felt mat, more in the traditional penny style this time, and crocheting a ton of team color hats to use up yarn from my stash! I've done Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks so far, doing a Dallas Cowboys one next.....will share next time :)
Till then, take care, enjoy the warmer weather if you were in cold climes like mine, and keep on crafting :)

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