Friday, March 27, 2015

Two more felt candle mats, and maybe 27 more coming??

Here are 2 more felt candle mats that I finished this week.

Both are loosely inspired by images I saw online, but I cut my own scallop shapes and everything else out. I am totally enjoying making all these felt mats, they are pretty quick to whip up. The planning and cutting seem to take more time than the actual stitching. These are both listed in my Ebay store at very reasonable prices :)
Working on a maple leaf one next....Plus I'm on Spring Break now, so more time for crafting :) even though, my plan right now is to devote a good amount of time to organizing my personal craft store/ stash, the size of which has grown to an unmanageable extent, I have to say....Oh well, as I like to say, hubby better be happy that I'm not an alcoholic/ shopaholic or gambler :)

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